small bed for baby


One of the most important times when we will welcome a new member in the family is choosing your first crib. Typically, the baby in her first months of life sharing a room with parents in the master bedroom and regardless of the complications that may arise from the size and shape of the room wherever there is a mini crib for each case.

I really liked this model called Monte Design Ninna-Nanna and has a somewhat minimalist style and interesting detail to be easily removable. It is not uncommon that the crib is sometimes in the bedroom and another in the living room, which is removable facilitates its removal.


In the image above these lines you can see another advantage of the mini crib is dismantled, we can dispense with the structure and place only the carrycot with us in the bed or couch whenever we want. There are other mini cribs are also removable, but in some the process to remove and put the pram is much more complicated.

In short, we have here a crib that one side is nice and has a very modern and is otherwise practice. It sounds simple but sometimes it is difficult to get elements having both beauty and functionality condition and in my opinion in this case it has been achieved.