Spaces for work: nature and color in pediatric clinics


A nice decoration and a good environment is essential in the home, but also in places of work and very special in some of them, such as a pediatric clinic. It’s more than proven that a colorful cheery bright and welcoming space positively affects our mood.

When distributing space, arranging furniture and decoration choose a pediatric clinic must take into account a lot of issues. The environment has to be the most suitable for children, it is not only to convey joy, but also to stimulate their imagination and be separated very well all areas.


In a pediatric clinic is recommended that at least two waiting rooms, one entry in which patients wait before being seen for the first time and another in which to expect results after the consultation if applicable. It is recommended that these two rooms are separated and if you can further separate, the better, so avoid unwanted encounters and possible infection.

The reasons we choose to decorate a pediatric clinic can be quite varied, but it is important that we realize that not only tries to use bright colors and forms related to the world of children, you have to go a little further. We can choose theme stays inspired by nature or the cosmos, and in the spaces of the photos in this article.


In the waiting room is good clear space between them and seek guidance seats that provide some privacy. Many times we are in the doctor’s waiting room all sitting facing each other and sometimes not pleasant. It is not complicated target seats in a more welcoming and make patients feel more comfortable.

In the color story, considering that what we seek is a sense of tranquility and serenity, the right thing will cool tones. Many shades of blue and green are suitable for the decoration of these spaces and color also can be related to the topic you are going to decorate.


Once inside the doctor’s office must try to distract the child and is entertaining and for that you can use different strategies. In many children’s doctors are fun toys for the little ones, but murals, photographs and drawings can be just as inspiring to them.

You can place or photographic murals painted on the walls and in the ceiling, so that you child is pleasing to the eye images at all times and whatever their position. Viewing well decorated office may seem a bit overdone, but consider that the patient will not stay inside too long and that the purpose of the decoration is distraction.