Spaces for work: the nursery of the giraffe


Original buildings and then there are those who are truly amazing as this which houses a nursery in Paris. The structure of the building has the shape of a giant giraffe whose body is located the plant in which it has its kindergarten classrooms.

The Laporte Hondelatte project is about representing Architectes and creativity and fantasy that surrounds the world of children. Access to the ground is via the stairs that are located next to the legs of the giraffe and the neck and head in the same project above the top.


giraffe nursery

The building is perfectly integrated in the environment, although the shape is completely different from the other buildings in the area, the main volume is placed at mid-height makes it not jarring, although its shape is striking and even rather striking.


In the image above these lines we can also see inside the nursery, which saw the exterior is not surprising because it is relatively normal. Just highlight the white color choice and brightness of the space as well as in wood tones that only break the color details of decoration typical child.

The base units are going to be used by children and high shelves are works containing the objects to be handled by adults. In children’s rooms is essential to let things reach we want them to get lonely and out of reach everything to which we do not want to go.