Spaces for work: working Space multifunctional


If something is working well in times of crisis are coworking spaces. The lack of paid employment has boosted the number of freelancers and creatives who need a space to realize their ideas and work to complement home office.

A coworking space should be large and nice and must have several rooms for individual work to team work and meetings and also for some relaxing moments. NOVA ISKRA Under this concept has opened in Belgrade in coworking space we see in the photos in this article intended for people working in the field of design, architecture and interior design, so they can work independently and together in some projects.


We started our tour with an overview of the place. As we can see from the pictures this coworking space is decorated with a mix of modern and industrial styles. It took two years to rebuild and furnish a local old estabe deteriorated and reform was carried out with the help of local businesses.

A study of local architecture, Petokraka, was commissioned to renovate the space for the new use keeping the old charm. There are a total of 18 workstations for developers who will be working here and were designed by and manufactured by Simpo Antipod-sik, who also local businesses in the area.


This coworking space offers everything you may need a creative professional in their workplace. The place has a photography studio, library, conference room, workshop, offices and even a kitchen if you need to stay and eat, that when you have a lot of work you know that it happens.


In the image above these lines we see the meeting room, open and airy space that communicates with the rest of the facility and has everything you need for meetings and project presentations. Everything is decorated in light colors and in particular the meeting room is particularly light and bright.


On these lines we have a photo of the office space itself, closed and collected over the meeting room has a large table that can be distributed. On the table are divider panels that can be placed in different configurations in order to make more flexible sharing of work areas and encourage concentration according to tasks.


We ended our tour in the kitchen where a little darker colors and gives a more cheerful and relaxed than other supplements environments and especially with lamps. When you spend many hours in the office also needs some area where you can relax a bit and have a snack.

NOVA ISKRA translates as ‘new spark’ and that’s exactly what this proposal is represented as a coworking space like this is something innovative in their city. The intention is to establish connections between people working in the same space, provide a pleasant place in which to work and make contacts for joint projects.