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Victor Marti Gnozalez TC-Interiors was responsible for the interior renovation of this private apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain, demolishing all the internal walls and allowing natural light to flood the space. The building dates back to 1938, was still preserved only externally, as in that year the house had suffered a bombing during the Spanish Civil War, that year have been preserved some original brick walls, creating a design element. The request included a modern style that is so was born a pine united and open to natural light.

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The library with its circular shape leads to the center of the plan is one of the few areas of white, white shelves across the board circular geometric envelop and involve in this space to explore. The wall of books is broken and jagged, interrupted by the irregularity of the shelves and the window, through the shape of the stairs you create movement, breaking agreements and rigid patterns of shelving.

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To allow proper lighting, were chosen frames of lights coming from the ceiling of LED tubes, ceiling suspended throughout the entire home. The choice of this type of lighting has not only created the element of functionality, but also a sculptural design running along the ceiling. In the library were chosen LED lights hanging from the ceiling, with the abstract form of the pendants, the flood of luminescence creates the perfect setting to read a book.

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The office is adjacent to, the furniture skinny, slim and minimal style is chosen for this space, open to the library and talking with the space next door, is both office and library communicate with outer space, through the open windows. The studio lighting is different from that of the library, the track led is replaced by linear and rectangular tubes. The ceilings of dark wood create an excellent setting for the type of lighting.

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The kitchen is the next room and adjacent study, a shelf environments divided from the kitchen. The kitchen is divided into three major sectors, through the two central islands. Natural light comes through the window near the table, the integrated LED lights enhance the colors and shades, wall brick breaks the rigid scheme of the room and give a sense of traditional cuisine, while the painting makes it dynamic and creative environment . The table and yellow chairs add the element pop and give a touch of fun.

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After a good meal there’s nothing better than relaxing in the living room on a leather sofa. The tables on the wheels can be pushed or pulled in any place and the chairs are light. The exposed electrical conduits create their own artistic element of industrial geometry.

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The leather sofa and table in modern style and are deliberately chosen in light colors to create tonal balance to the otherwise dark structure, between the dark tones of brick and wood. The plant is such that the public area is on one side of the apartment with a private area on the other. The Library Rotunda serves as a point of convergence of the two volumes.

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The master bedroom continues the use of original wooden ceilings, dark with layers of ductwork and lighting, the walls are white. The floor is divided into zones with the ‘use of a partitioned section where they are inserted in wardrobe and bed.
Stairs leading to the sleeping area are constructed of wood in a section of the model to two. The first is a functional flight of steps 3 and the second is a long low conduction of wood which supports parallelepipeds for storage. The addition of rectangular continues the theme of straight geometric lines juxtaposed next to be random angles. This keeps each flowing space with a geometry noncomforming that is both fun and refreshing.

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