Spectacular Scandinavian style coffee tables

Spectacular Scandinavian style HI – MACS® coffee tables have seen the number of applications that the acrylic stone HI – MACS® has in reforms and construction, but these coffee tables that present at the Milan fair, have stolen my heart.

Spectacular Scandinavian style coffee tables  (1)

They are the work of Karl Andersson & Soner and I know it will sound contradictory, but have the key to this warm minimalism which like minimalism dislike those who, or Scandinavian style.

They are composed by a resistant Board made with HI – MACS® and solid legs of conical-shaped wood. They are available in different colours of soft hues that complement each other perfectly in different environments. And I like that, they are perfect for modern environments, but they have a design that would integrate them into classic or even rustic style.

Spectacular Scandinavian style coffee tables  (2)

Designed by Joel Karlsson, BUFF is a set of tables of different sizes, both Center how. They are composed by a resistant Board made with HI – MACS® and solid legs of conical, very characteristic of the Scandinavian design shaped wood, protruding the curved appearance of the set.

Top of acrylic stone is available in different geometric shapes that escape from the straight lines, since corners smoothed to perfect circles triangles. These parts are available in different colours: pure white, white broken, blue sky, color sand and Brown London, soft tones to complement different environments. Thin but resistant legs that elevate the structure give them a slender, stylized appearance. These can be found in wood ash, birch, oak or walnut.

The great appeal of these tables, with a 1950s feel, lies in the fact that create optical illusions, making that you change shape depending from what point are observed, thus giving them a slight sensation of movement.

The challenge that arose from Karl Anderson & Söner was the of creating a strong and unbreakable Dinnerware. It was then when Joel Karlsson found a solution by presenting his idea of a piece of durable Board with solid wood legs.

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Tables lines clean and rounded, resistant and guaranteed but what more buuuuuff I think is the price (conscious design and HI – MACS® is a very expensive material) since costs €831 + IVA. In short, matter of the Bono Loto.