Stone Furniture for Garden

Stone furniture for the garden is apparently a very recent invention that came hand in hand with the concept of minimalism from many schools of decoration that worried about preserving the meaning and usefulness of traditional forms but made ​​with other materials.


In this way the stone was taken into account as the primary material of construction for such tables, and could then impose a style varied, fresh and striking that it is now one of the most desirable in general. Of the most beautiful things that can adorn a garden, in addition to vegetation and a special type of floor if you have a shed entrance, are the stone garden furniture.

Although some people may seem very functional because its the same material is heavy elements, the fact of the matter is that because they are rare in general and because of that attention, and special care must be taken with them that are maintained in the open long and therefore can easily crack or leave.

When we begin to consider what decoration can be best for our garden we can not get back the stone furniture, as it is a safe choice as elegant as. Strongly resistant, ideal for unstable or very humid climates, choosing from planters to sources, not to mention the banks with or without a table game.

Very interesting decorative figures, among which we find animals, columns, mythological … Classic-cut statues always help create a rather gloomy atmosphere, closer to the tradition of the Greek and Roman villas. Yes, we must study well your site because it is very heavy pieces later not be able to move from one place to another.

If our garden is small, we can always add a planter, which may be made of stone or artificial aging, which is achieved by mixing marble and white cement. The latter are suitable for environments with a more sophisticated since most retain a minimalist design with very modern designs. Check out the square pots or in a tube.

For furniture, we find from banks to accompanying chairs round tables, oval or octagonal. The finish can be simple or be topped tile, so they are highly customizable. They are definitely an option to consider when you want to stop worrying about the outdoor furniture, especially in winter.

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Stone Furniture for Garden

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