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What do you think, what is the image that we decorate the walls of our houses – or unjustified luxury today, very detail of the Interior, that flat revived, fill it with spiritual sense? Sometimes, we get the following: completed repair, furniture and accessories, lamps and Curtains hung up placement, but the apartment is like missing something, the walls of some faceless and bald. And it becomes clear why the people long have adorned their painted houses, mats, or mosaic.

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In Russia, symbols are since long mandatory and essential properties of design – were houses. They were in the place of honor in the space for a long time were only detail of the interiors to decorate the walls of the houses. And on the seventeenth century in the rich and noble House interior detail as art was in fashion.

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Fashion was still works of art, including paintings, tapestries, engravings, interior decoration and is gaining popularity. Today, there are private collections that do not have many museums. That can do that but very rich.

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And for us, it is necessary fully “impractical” something like a picture? Probably, Yes. After all, none of the most stylish and modern designs fills not our House a uniqueness, harmony and spiritual beauty, a work of art.

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