Suggested colors for painting small bathroom

The first thing you should do is decide what type of bathroom you want to create. The colors do more than just be on a wall and look good. They affect and participate in our mood. Light colors such as yellow, orange and red are energizing. Generate a sense of excitement and rejuvenation, while cool colors like blue, green and violet, promote peace and tranquility. However, not so much the color that affects mood, but the color value, hue and intensity have it.

Bathroom Paint Colors

Color Balance
The best colors for small bathrooms are light shades of cool colors like blue, cream color or light green. However, can use warm tones without sacrificing the illusion of space, the secret is knowing how to balance with the rest of the room. The color will reflect light or absorb it. If the warm colors like them, move in muted tones. The floors and white ceilings help maintain balance in a space.

Neutral colors
Neutral colors are shades of brown, gray, white and even at times the black. They are ideal for wall base. Contrasting colors can add either hot or cold to add details that complement the decor.

If you want to do something flashy, can paint the wall opposite the entrance to the bathroom of a strong color, depth, and balance with a neutral color paint on the walls next. To coordinate the environment, add objects that stand out, such as colored towels, decorations on the walls and fabrics in dark colors.

Monochromatic palette
Another option is to use different shades of the same color in a small bathroom, and keep your eyes moving. This movement gives a sense of spaciousness. Each time you add a contrasting color, the light slows down and the room seems smaller.

Paler versions of warm colors such as light coral and yellow duckling work great as well as cool colors to maximize visual space. However, when using a monochromatic palette, try not to put more than three colors. If you want more contrast, do it with small details that stand out. The best colors for a small bathroom are the colors that you like them. The rule for visual perception is that the colors lighter or less intense will “enlarge” a space, while the bright colors will shrink it.


Bathroom Painting Ideas