System wiring protection

The protection system of the electrical installation consists of the electrical control panel with its safety features, together with the electrical system itself.The maintenance of the electrical system of the home is very important for the safety of housing, its inhabitants and belongings, as they can avoid electrical accidents that could be fatal.

Aspects of the protection of the electrical installation:
It is essential to regularly monitor the status of electrical installations to verify the state of the same and avoid accidents. If the installation is old, the wiring will have a poor and decrepit insulation (cloth or rubber), so it is necessary to replace them with new wires.If modifications to the facility, either for renovation or expansion, we will make sure to use the correct cable type for the function, and they are of the best quality, so they can withstand the load of the installation.

If there are fixtures that are in poor condition, we will replace them with new ones (switches, outlets , etc.). should never be used to replace old devices other, because their efficiency is compromised by the degree of damage they have suffered, and its life is reduced by prior use.Whenever a fuse, we check in search of the occurrence of a short circuit. The fuses damaged must be replaced, never repaired, they represent a risk.

Where possible, remove the fuses, replacing thermo-magnetic keys.All switch, fuse or circuit breaker must also cut the ground wire (which carries no current).In case of repairs , we always turn off the main switch. If we are going to carry out the repair on an appliance, unplug it from the network must always, to avoid any eventuality.

No connecting or disconnecting a cable pulling.For any electrical repair we use the tools appropriate, as they are the ones with the necessary insulation. It is always better to use qualified personnel if repairs are needed we do not know in detail.

When an artifact contact discharge occurs, we should see a specialist, because there may be problems in the appliance or installation to be detected as soon as possible.The appliances should not be used in humid environments they represent a risk. In the event that we must, resort to devices specially designed for this purpose and taking the necessary precautions.

We must not touch the metal part of electrical appliances with wet hands, or barefoot, or both.When changing a bulb, the bulb and take the metal part not.We must avoid connecting multiple devices to a single outlet, it causes an overload that can trigger a short circuit.In case of short circuit fires, we should not use water for extinction. Where possible, we will disconnect the circuit from the main switch board.

Protection system electrical installations:
The dashboard or scorecard household electrical is composed of different elements, which must be kept in perfect condition for its safe operation.

The control panel usually consists of three elements of protection:
• ICP: power control switch. It is designed to prevent damage to the installation of a possible overload. It also controls the power output.
• ID: circuit breaker. Used to quickly disconnect the installation in case of leakage to ground. It switches off automatically in case of incidental contact.
• PIA’s: small breakers. They cut the current in case of short circuit or overload, in each of the internal circuits.