Table with several chairs

If you have a basic table with chairs in different colors or different models, then you get a very nice playful effect. For example, this combination is fun when you have a country style, or very very modern so that it the clean lines little breaks. If you take a wooden table, you make it yourself right away at wood actually easier because everything fits.

Table with several chairs (1)

On the first image here under you see actually the perfect combination. A sturdy table with cheerful cute chairs and striking factory lamps of iron. These materials fit very well together. You see the combination of iron and wood at the moment actually everywhere.

Table with several chairs (2)

The seats on the first image still seem very similar, only the colors are very different. On the second image, you see many different types of chairs. In this case, that beautiful, because the rest of the Interior is kept quiet. The establishment at the third image is also very very cool. These are all different chairs, but of the same series and same material. Because they are so very very similar it appears as a whole. Creating a brand is very important in a design with many different pieces of furniture.

Table with several chairs (3)

Table with several chairs (4)

Table with several chairs (5)