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Inspiring Spaces: Nordic cuisine with town


This kitchen to teach you today could frame the trend of Nordic decor but gives a twist to this style that is increasingly present in our lives. The white coating and furniture contrasts perfectly with the brick wall that has

Solving the problem of shortage of natural light in the kitchen


Many times the kitchen does not have a great source of natural light, it has advantages and disadvantages. If we do not cook much in the kitchen like lots of light directly in the morning, because that will make us

The new kitchen Giuseppe


Icon is the name chosen for the new kitchen designed by Ernestomeda Giuseppe Bavuso for a strong and evocative name you want to reflect all the charisma of cuisine that blends high technology with a sleek profile. The design of

A nordic-style apartment


The Nordic style is winning in all countries including those that are further south and the white color has again become the main protagonist of many homes. But in representing decorate a home in a particular style, we can provide

Excellent Kitchens


As every month again … We were at this time in the kitchen. One of the most interesting areas of a house. Meeting place in some cases, of creativity, of necessity or relax in others. It all depends on the

We in the dining room


As the weekend passed much of it gathered in the dining room, because here we are, watching other dining for all tastes. But this time I opted for in most dining chairs of the same type, which is also why

Wonderful Kitchens


Why not put a pinch of salt to the kitchen and make it more fun. Since we are going through times of crisis and tension, creativity is a good way out of that state. If you like flowers, marisposas, the

Swedish Apartment with surprise


I am a fan of few meters solutions to wandering my favorite Swedish website I found this gem, and I find amazing as these Nordic decorate like they have and how solve space issues. Really with an apartment so I

the essence is kept in small bottles


Yes, I’m amazed every time I meet with boxes of matches or as I call my apartment “Pin y Pon” as the floor today. As you will not lack detail and although everything is mini must be recognized that the


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I’ve been predicting this weeks post, but I’m overworked and between that, the progress of the floor and others have been unable to publish it, as I told you we did a facelift to the kitchen, and you @ will