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Buy bathroom furniture

Whether they are making a reform, a change in decor or they end up moving into our new house and need to decorate our bathrooms, in ideas that can help our readers to pick the designs and models that best

Mosaic Bathrooms Decorations

The mosaic bathrooms are a safety, a fad that never really goes, but, with time, it evolves and comes in different ways. This is nothing new, in fact, the mosaic is a technique already known and equally used since ancient

The best bathroom furniture


Normally each bathroom has a particular style so that, according to it, we have to opt for a type of furniture or other. Similarly, each bathroom has a rather fixed structure which is composed by the sink, bidet, toilet and

the bathroom outdoors


Today they are very fashionable open spaces, partitions minimize as far as possible and promote continuity between each other environments, but usually tends to respect the privacy of the bathroom. Most of us prefer the bathroom space is separate, enclosed

orange bathroom


One of the salient features of the furniture and accessories from Kartell is the use of vibrant colors for plastics manufacture. Meanwhile Laufen is a well known firm that specializes in the design of furniture and bathroom accessories. Working together

Wonderful Bathrooms


I love skirts for sinks. For many things, but mostly for its romance and prove once again that simply with the help of the right fabric can completely be able to convert an environment, transforming it to our liking in

Bathroom with heated towel racks

heated towel racks

A good solution to enjoy at a pleasant temperature bath at the same time to have dry towels and toasty is installing a heated towel rack. Installing a heated towel rack just straightforward. The variety and originality of the designs

Stone Forest and the delicacy of his works for bathrooms

Stone Forest bathrooms02

Stone Forest since 1989 gives us his range of sinks, baths and bathroom accessories with a contemporary and exclusive designs. Some pieces that besides its function are made of natural materials such as handmade, stone, bronze, copper, iron and bamboo



 To dismiss the week I could not help teach this house, I conveys peace and quiet, a house in which the black and white is seduced by neutral colors except for a bedroom full of freshness in the purest style

Tips for fabulous bathroom

Many people dream that your bathroom looks fabulous and luxurious. Some want their bathroom refurbished to meet what they want but before redesigning or renovating your bathroom there are some points that should be considered. These things are important to