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Flooring kitchen – chess pattern as a classic from the old days

Flooring kitchen-kitchen-establish Chess pattern flooring 14

Unique Flooring kitchen with chess patterns Chess pattern as flooring for the kitchen is perhaps not too big news. Perhaps some of you indeed have such a home. That’s not surprising. Chess pattern flooring can also be part of a

The stone wall – Looking for strong Idividualität

stone look Wall Stone Wall indoor living room furnishing ideas 7

Place a decorative stone wall as an accent in the living room Have you ever been at your neighbors to visit and has the means greatly impressed there? Few people prefer the exact “imitation or the claws of ideas” from

Mosaic Bathrooms Decorations

The mosaic bathrooms are a safety, a fad that never really goes, but, with time, it evolves and comes in different ways. This is nothing new, in fact, the mosaic is a technique already known and equally used since ancient

Bathroom furniture silver

An unusual kind of bathroom is to silver, we can resume both in the furniture and in the chrome finish of the shower, accessories and other items in a bathroom. Why choose the color silver? Personally I would choose the

Suggested colors for painting small bathroom


The first thing you should do is decide what type of bathroom you want to create. The colors do more than just be on a wall and look good. They affect and participate in our mood. Light colors such as

The best bathroom furniture


Normally each bathroom has a particular style so that, according to it, we have to opt for a type of furniture or other. Similarly, each bathroom has a rather fixed structure which is composed by the sink, bidet, toilet and

A good idea: Space Invaders on the bathroom wall


It is pixelated in decor and small mosaic tiles provide the perfect opportunity to create with them all kinds of drawings. One of the most simple is to include Space Invaders in any area of the house. I am not

wonderful Bathroom


Since my father is ill and moving in wheel chair I’m much more sensitive to accessibility issues, and that is, unfortunately, often do not pay attention to these issues that we should until you are involved in them directly .

decorate with stones around the tub


I’m the first one that loves efforts made ​​for keeping things nice in decoration, but in my opinion there are times that we touch bonitismo both absurdity. The design, appearance and aesthetics are important, but should not be at odds

the bathroom outdoors


Today they are very fashionable open spaces, partitions minimize as far as possible and promote continuity between each other environments, but usually tends to respect the privacy of the bathroom. Most of us prefer the bathroom space is separate, enclosed