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Wonderful Bathrooms


I love skirts for sinks. For many things, but mostly for its romance and prove once again that simply with the help of the right fabric can completely be able to convert an environment, transforming it to our liking in

3 Wishes: Duplex + Nordic + Ikea Style


Seeing this wonderful duplex I could not help thinking about my sister and brother …. Never been to Ikea, and although I tried to see the Swedish as a solution to quality and ideal price are a little reluctant …

Porcelain Tiles for bathrooms


The porcelain to coat surfaces (floors and walls) especially in the bathroom has become incredibly popular. Why? It lasts a long time keeping a perfect look and found it in so many different models and sizes that will always be

How to Choose Bathrooms Tools ?


As far as bathroom decor is concerned, as important is the right choice of furniture and coatings as the very health. Yes, because in addition to a matter of comfort and functionality our sinks, toilets, bidets and bathtubs are also

How to eliminate bathroom odors

eliminate bathroom odors

The smell may appear in the bathroom for several reasons, but you can kill himself. There are a number of solutions to eliminate odors in the bathroom.If your bathroom smells really bad, maybe it’s because the toilet drains and pipes

Stone Forest and the delicacy of his works for bathrooms

Stone Forest bathrooms02

Stone Forest since 1989 gives us his range of sinks, baths and bathroom accessories with a contemporary and exclusive designs. Some pieces that besides its function are made of natural materials such as handmade, stone, bronze, copper, iron and bamboo

Fantastic House


My crush on confined spaces has no limits, this apartment made in Ikea in his 80% has left me amazed. Despite his cold gray base could be combined with wood and natural light get warm and welcoming effect. He called

The story of the week


I have always wanted to live in an attic, then I said well then with terrace, meters gave me the same but if it was important to have something outside, a place to “take the air” and off somehow. This

HOUSE AND HANDMADE DIY-Decorate and Recycle


This week has been intense and hard, that to bring my wedding work and leaving me to 3M, Dead Matá grinding, but I’ll take all I have to teach and new projects but nothing happens soon begin to see the

The home of Jane Whitfield


Do not know if Jane Whitfield celebrity can be considered, but some perceive it to be the right hand of Marc Jacobs at Vuitton. Well, this is the house that is near Versailles. Romanticism at its best. What do you