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Feng Shui colors for more harmony and balance in your home

feng shui color color design ideas Feng Shui Setting 1

Feng Shui colors for your home An apartment furnished according to Feng Shui rules requires great attention to every detail. After Feng Shui philosophy help us the colors in our home to make perfect balance and harmony. The different colors

The stone wall – Looking for strong Idividualität

stone look Wall Stone Wall indoor living room furnishing ideas 7

Place a decorative stone wall as an accent in the living room Have you ever been at your neighbors to visit and has the means greatly impressed there? Few people prefer the exact “imitation or the claws of ideas” from

Free Keep the bathroom mirror by light tricks from steam

Bathroom Mirror Mirror Bathroom cleaning tips-and-tricks 1

Tips and tricks to avoid the steamy bathroom mirror Who does not like to be in the hot water in the bathtub? Or stand under a hot shower? However, those who want to look after yourself in the mirror, it

Images for indoor decoration of bathrooms

bathroom decor wonderful decor ideas

Very attractive, elegant and modern that is perfectly suited to a home interior, offering a relaxing atmosphere in the place. It’s cool, and provides a positive feeling interior design as sometimes associated with ocean color. The turquoise is not only

Golden rules for designing the bathroom


Shower or bath?? Classic or Zen?? Or whirlpool jets?? Here are the tips needed to design the bathroom according to your lifestyle and your needs. Tip 1: Analyze the available space before you realize your wildest dreams or decide on

decorate with stones around the tub


I’m the first one that loves efforts made ​​for keeping things nice in decoration, but in my opinion there are times that we touch bonitismo both absurdity. The design, appearance and aesthetics are important, but should not be at odds

the bathroom outdoors


Today they are very fashionable open spaces, partitions minimize as far as possible and promote continuity between each other environments, but usually tends to respect the privacy of the bathroom. Most of us prefer the bathroom space is separate, enclosed

orange bathroom


One of the salient features of the furniture and accessories from Kartell is the use of vibrant colors for plastics manufacture. Meanwhile Laufen is a well known firm that specializes in the design of furniture and bathroom accessories. Working together

Wonderful Bathrooms


I love skirts for sinks. For many things, but mostly for its romance and prove once again that simply with the help of the right fabric can completely be able to convert an environment, transforming it to our liking in



 To dismiss the week I could not help teach this house, I conveys peace and quiet, a house in which the black and white is seduced by neutral colors except for a bedroom full of freshness in the purest style