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The stone wall – Looking for strong Idividualität

stone look Wall Stone Wall indoor living room furnishing ideas 7

Place a decorative stone wall as an accent in the living room Have you ever been at your neighbors to visit and has the means greatly impressed there? Few people prefer the exact “imitation or the claws of ideas” from

Images for indoor decoration of bathrooms

bathroom decor wonderful decor ideas

Very attractive, elegant and modern that is perfectly suited to a home interior, offering a relaxing atmosphere in the place. It’s cool, and provides a positive feeling interior design as sometimes associated with ocean color. The turquoise is not only

Right plan for your bathroom remodel

According to statistics, the bathroom remodeling adds more value to your home to the necessary expenses for remodeling.Basically bathroom remodeling begins with the idea of ​​what bathroom style you like.It starts with the establishment of modest luxury in the bathroom

Golden rules for designing the bathroom


Shower or bath?? Classic or Zen?? Or whirlpool jets?? Here are the tips needed to design the bathroom according to your lifestyle and your needs. Tip 1: Analyze the available space before you realize your wildest dreams or decide on

Suggested colors for painting small bathroom


The first thing you should do is decide what type of bathroom you want to create. The colors do more than just be on a wall and look good. They affect and participate in our mood. Light colors such as

How to Choose relaxing bathtub for your home

If you are trying to take a break from all this or if you have muscle pain, there is nothing more relaxing than a great bathtub. For years the bathtub has symbolized a place for relaxation and renewal. Although, the

Bedroom & bathroom in paris


A few hours after the end of the year, has caught my attention this apartment in the City of Lights. Paris has charmless districts then have what we all outsiders, the wonderful Paris gates that guard the mansions as we

New sanitary collection designed by Patricia


Spanish What’s hot inside and outside our borders, and it is one of our designers, Patricia Urquiola, the most talked about this year, we are arriving. Today I bring sanitary collection created by my namesake for signing Axor. Urquiola designs

A good idea: Space Invaders on the bathroom wall


It is pixelated in decor and small mosaic tiles provide the perfect opportunity to create with them all kinds of drawings. One of the most simple is to include Space Invaders in any area of the house. I am not

Before & After: gaining space and natural light


Many times we see a house and think how wonderful it would be to pull partitions and redistribute throughout the interior. This type of well-planned comprehensive reforms achieved excellent results and today we will see one of these. The home