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Free Keep the bathroom mirror by light tricks from steam

Bathroom Mirror Mirror Bathroom cleaning tips-and-tricks 1

Tips and tricks to avoid the steamy bathroom mirror Who does not like to be in the hot water in the bathtub? Or stand under a hot shower? However, those who want to look after yourself in the mirror, it

The best bathroom furniture


Normally each bathroom has a particular style so that, according to it, we have to opt for a type of furniture or other. Similarly, each bathroom has a rather fixed structure which is composed by the sink, bidet, toilet and

A good idea: Space Invaders on the bathroom wall


It is pixelated in decor and small mosaic tiles provide the perfect opportunity to create with them all kinds of drawings. One of the most simple is to include Space Invaders in any area of the house. I am not

wonderful Bathroom


Since my father is ill and moving in wheel chair I’m much more sensitive to accessibility issues, and that is, unfortunately, often do not pay attention to these issues that we should until you are involved in them directly .

decorate with stones around the tub


I’m the first one that loves efforts made ​​for keeping things nice in decoration, but in my opinion there are times that we touch bonitismo both absurdity. The design, appearance and aesthetics are important, but should not be at odds

Elegant Bathroom Decoration

A bathroom is a room used for personal hygiene, bathing and evacuation. The most common elements of a bathroom are: a bathtub, a toilet, a sink and a mirror. If we decorate it, take care of the details and choose

Bathroom with heated towel racks

heated towel racks

A good solution to enjoy at a pleasant temperature bath at the same time to have dry towels and toasty is installing a heated towel rack. Installing a heated towel rack just straightforward. The variety and originality of the designs

Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom should not be one of the most important storage spaces of home and yet always find the need to save more and more things (useful or not) that we will have on hand at any time. Precisely, and

Bathroom Vanity Furniture

bathroom vanity furniture_8

Bathroom Vanity Furniture is a rewarding experience that gives back every day! Bringing style, quality and value to the final product, helping you is part of our customer service great. Stylish collections of wood antique furniture are proffered by the