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Loft: a house without divisions

Abstraction Active Loft

Loft same dream, he thinks. In fact, it is not always the case and the result is impressive. Watch the video of this former industrial space in Milan’s Porta Romana neighborhood. A deposit of the first of the 900 has

Hydraulic tiles: color and fun to the soil

Some time ago it’s tendency to use hydraulic tiles in any room of our house, regardless of the decorative style we have chosen. We are transported to Mediterranean areas, in fact the countries that have been most used are Italy,

Decoration hydraulic tile floors

The tile mosaic or hydraulic , is a pigmented cement decorative piece. It is used for both indoor and outdoor, and it was very common in houses of the early twentieth century.It was invented in France by the end of

How to clean shower tiles


to clean the tile in the shower is hot water only, then think again. There may be more than two or three people at home and every day, people take showers at the same bathroom. Splashing water, soap and shampoo

Ceramic patchwork effect

The patchwork is pure trend. It is in fashion and decoration, and within the latter universe, we can find it in blankets, on cushions and other home textiles … Even web applications to create patchwork walls . But now, it

Tile floral prints for the bathroom

Fortunately, more and more people that they realize that the bathroom is a space in the house can also be decorated in a very striking, contemporary. Thus, it is completely outdated the idea that it is a purely functional site

Porcelain Tiles for bathrooms


The porcelain to coat surfaces (floors and walls) especially in the bathroom has become incredibly popular. Why? It lasts a long time keeping a perfect look and found it in so many different models and sizes that will always be

TIle Ideas for Living Rooms

Although ceramic tiles are primarily installed in showers and baths, which can also be found on floors and walls. Nice to have ceramic tiles in the bathroom because it is easier to keep clean and prevent stains and odors. The

Ceramic tiles that Mimic Stone

The ceramic tiles are still at the forefront of decorating. There are all kinds, even imitating rusty metal or wood, with results that have nothing to envy to the original materials . But much more robust and economical. Natural stone