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Flooring kitchen – chess pattern as a classic from the old days

Flooring kitchen-kitchen-establish Chess pattern flooring 14

Unique Flooring kitchen with chess patterns Chess pattern as flooring for the kitchen is perhaps not too big news. Perhaps some of you indeed have such a home. That’s not surprising. Chess pattern flooring can also be part of a

The module kitchen as an effective and practical decision!

modulkuche-minikuche-kuchenmobel-kitchen-Setting 1

The advantages of the modular kitchen Look for a simple, effective and cost-effective solution for your kitchen decor? Then you should seriously consider whether the module is not kitchen would be perfect for you. Such solutions are ultimately super universal,

LED lighting, kitchen and the right domestic mood

LED lighting kitchen-red-blue 1

The optimized LED lighting kitchen The cuisine is considered by many people as the heart of the house, because you spend there usually a lot of time preparing food and beverages, chatting like friends and family members. But how about

Creative interior design ideas – you turn the garage into a living space!

creative-Wohnideen-residential facility Idea Creation Tips 1

Creative interior design ideas for remodeling a garage Have you ever thought about expanding your living space through creative Wohnidee for the garage? We think that’s great! You must never reject this idea. We motivate you not only by empty

How to evaluate your Kitchen


One of the most used parts of the kitchen but often underestimate the time of choice, is the work plan that is technically called the top. It must be chosen with great care and attention, and found that meets the criteria

Kitchen Collection Verner Panton Kvik


The news is that Kvik, Danish kitchen manufacturer, just to sell a new line exclusively based on geometric patterns created by one of the most important representatives of Nordic design, Verner Panton. However, before the details of this new collection

A kitchen full of spring flowers and color details

Santos_brezo 7

Winter By now most of us are already looking forward to spring, actually more than you earn, it’s almost a necessity. Fortunately you will start to notice that the days are longer and have more daylight hours, but we need

Inspiring Spaces: Nordic cuisine with town


This kitchen to teach you today could frame the trend of Nordic decor but gives a twist to this style that is increasingly present in our lives. The white coating and furniture contrasts perfectly with the brick wall that has

wonderful furniture

baul madera natural..

Most of our houses are quite smaller than we would like. It is clear that decorators and interior they see them and want to put everything we have in those few meters. Knowing that one of our problems is space,

Excellent Kitchens


As every month again … We were at this time in the kitchen. One of the most interesting areas of a house. Meeting place in some cases, of creativity, of necessity or relax in others. It all depends on the