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Wonderful Kitchens


Why not put a pinch of salt to the kitchen and make it more fun. Since we are going through times of crisis and tension, creativity is a good way out of that state. If you like flowers, marisposas, the

3 Wishes: Duplex + Nordic + Ikea Style


Seeing this wonderful duplex I could not help thinking about my sister and brother …. Never been to Ikea, and although I tried to see the Swedish as a solution to quality and ideal price are a little reluctant …

Swedish Apartment with surprise


I am a fan of few meters solutions to wandering my favorite Swedish website I found this gem, and I find amazing as these Nordic decorate like they have and how solve space issues. Really with an apartment so I



I can not believe we’re through Friday, do not know you @ s but this week has been rough for me. I have to tell you many things among them that I have a gift for you tod @ s

style kitchen Office


I think after the title of this post would put that in # MUYFAN, I have few pictures but I think sufficient to convey the charm of this Nordic kitchen. Simple and clean, wooden floor makes a perfect contrast with

fantastic kitchens


She could not sit day finally make this post, I am totally convinced of 2 things, this DIY you will love and 2 blog ( http://www.homepersonalshopper.com/ ) also because its editor is a lovely girl very decisive, with many ideas

Decors of emerald


Green hits hard, MINT fever from this palette did not want to leave and both the decor and fashion is the order of the day. The floor today is based on the black and emerald touches abound in every one

Use corners in kitchen

Whether you have a large or small kitchen in your home, the problem is always the same: lack of space when you organize all your kitchen utensils and objects. This headache of never knowing where to put the utensils kitchen

Materials to renovate the kitchen

Renovating the kitchen is almost an art, which we also want lasting results. Deciding to reform the kitchen is complicated not only in economic terms, since we also need a big budget to good ideas. For all that it takes

Chalkboard walls for kitchens

Chalkboard Wall Sticker

Although until now it was not unusual slate walls in spaces such as bedrooms or offices, not so often saw in spaces like the kitchen. And surprising because the kitchen is normal or errands orders us to score we have