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The pantry for the kitchen is a useful piece of furniture with an antique accent

Galley kitchen Cake Ideas-dresser-antique 1

Sideboard Kitchen – Ensure a rural retro charm in the kitchen Sideboard for the kitchen is a practical idea. But talking to you for some certain preferences when it comes to the stylistic appearance of the house. Such furniture is

Flooring kitchen – chess pattern as a classic from the old days

Flooring kitchen-kitchen-establish Chess pattern flooring 14

Unique Flooring kitchen with chess patterns Chess pattern as flooring for the kitchen is perhaps not too big news. Perhaps some of you indeed have such a home. That’s not surprising. Chess pattern flooring can also be part of a

The module kitchen as an effective and practical decision!

modulkuche-minikuche-kuchenmobel-kitchen-Setting 1

The advantages of the modular kitchen Look for a simple, effective and cost-effective solution for your kitchen decor? Then you should seriously consider whether the module is not kitchen would be perfect for you. Such solutions are ultimately super universal,

LED lighting, kitchen and the right domestic mood

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The optimized LED lighting kitchen The cuisine is considered by many people as the heart of the house, because you spend there usually a lot of time preparing food and beverages, chatting like friends and family members. But how about

U shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchens, depending on the space you have, the U-shaped design can be the most practical and comfortable at the time of furnishing the kitchen. In Espaciohogar we review the different distributions for the kitchen, as the U-shaped kitchen Large kitchens,

white kitchen


To those who like to cook, when we see a house we like normally look at the kitchen. For good and varied to prepare meals at your convenience is a need for a spacious and comfortable. There are kitchens to

Great kitchens with bathroom and bedroom beautiful


The architecture studio u + a Pontevedra, has shared with us images of the restoration of a home from the early twentieth century of 53 square meters located in Vigo. The reform has proceeded inside the emptying of discovering the

Before & After: integrating the courtyard in the kitchen


In some houses there is a small kitchen that could be expanded relatively easily if you add another adjoining room. I mean the classic washes and courtyards, that many houses are next to a narrow kitchen and that would be

column in the middle of the kitchen


Sometimes what is initially a problem can become even an advantage. For example in the case of the kitchen to the corresponding photos of this article, there was a central column significantly complicating the distribution. But by placing the island

Before & After: gaining space in a kitchen kitsch


The eighties and nineties did much damage to the decor. That rustic kitchens and the proliferation of borders, which meant that every house is incomplete without them we saw carried a difficult color delusions reached again. Today I bring you