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A work area in the kitchen. Good or bad idea?


You are now overgrown, but those who are fans of the series certainly remember that at first Carlitos, of Tell, studying at the kitchen table. And in the Spain of that time, with large families and small houses, often was

The hidden kitchen Wonderful


In many homes today the kitchen shares space with the living room and many that idea does not quite convince. Sitting on the couch watching TV or chatting with friends and cooking while remaining within the same range some do

Kitchen Collection Verner Panton Kvik


The news is that Kvik, Danish kitchen manufacturer, just to sell a new line exclusively based on geometric patterns created by one of the most important representatives of Nordic design, Verner Panton. However, before the details of this new collection

A kitchen full of spring flowers and color details

Santos_brezo 7

Winter By now most of us are already looking forward to spring, actually more than you earn, it’s almost a necessity. Fortunately you will start to notice that the days are longer and have more daylight hours, but we need

Inspiring Spaces: Nordic cuisine with town


This kitchen to teach you today could frame the trend of Nordic decor but gives a twist to this style that is increasingly present in our lives. The white coating and furniture contrasts perfectly with the brick wall that has

The new kitchen Giuseppe


Icon is the name chosen for the new kitchen designed by Ernestomeda Giuseppe Bavuso for a strong and evocative name you want to reflect all the charisma of cuisine that blends high technology with a sleek profile. The design of

Excellent Kitchens


As every month again … We were at this time in the kitchen. One of the most interesting areas of a house. Meeting place in some cases, of creativity, of necessity or relax in others. It all depends on the

Wonderful Kitchens


Why not put a pinch of salt to the kitchen and make it more fun. Since we are going through times of crisis and tension, creativity is a good way out of that state. If you like flowers, marisposas, the



I can not believe we’re through Friday, do not know you @ s but this week has been rough for me. I have to tell you many things among them that I have a gift for you tod @ s

fantastic kitchens


She could not sit day finally make this post, I am totally convinced of 2 things, this DIY you will love and 2 blog ( http://www.homepersonalshopper.com/ ) also because its editor is a lovely girl very decisive, with many ideas