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Christmas decoration on facades of houses

Came the feast of Christmas and surely want to give a special touch to the facade of your house, these pictures get the inspiration you need and you can yourself (a) prepare the ornaments or else go to the nearest

Different Table at Christmas

A setting for a meal at Christmas following the Scandinavian style a bit so in trend now around a simple palette of gray, white, green and lilac, in combination with natural fabrics. Linen and crockery as pure white background as

A happy happy Christmas


Those who have children, although we might like more sober Christmas decorations, we have to put a little joy just for them. So I propose these fun images for older children and naive soul. I wish you all a happy


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I want to start this Wednesday of inspiration CENTERPIECES NORDIC CHRISTMAS INSPIRATION. I hope you like the selection in most cases with a little idea and things we have at home adding some thematic detail as a tree ball, something

Christmas design


It’s Friday, which cuts this week has been a little busy but for those who have not had bridge still some time off is appreciated from time to time. Swedish Sailing across this blog which certainly has as main characteristic



Today I fired this week with this wonderful Swedish restored house, tells the future King Oscar history that built a castle by the sea by 1865, very near there he built a house for the service share today 7 families.

The House of the week: Scandinavian Christmas


Last week with the mess of the bridge was impossible to publish our house on Friday, the wait has been long, being honest is one of my favorite sections, where besides incredible dream home can take a lot of inspiration.

The colorful Christmas Yvonne


I had a hard time deciding that he wanted to fire home in 2012 and finally I opted for christmas Yvonne. He could not like it more, fun, home, full of DIY and a great deal of warmth and optimism

Christmas Decoration of a house Swedish


I could not resist these photos, I love christmas Swedish lacks detail to any room and keep the simplicity to give you a Christmas touch any passageway. This house has white as the main color and style between classic vintage

Outdoor Christmas Decorations


A very few days for Christmas is normal to want to decorate our whole house and flood every room with warmth and happiness that characterizes this time of year. A few days ago I showed you some ideas for decorating