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The colorful Christmas Yvonne


I had a hard time deciding that he wanted to fire home in 2012 and finally I opted for christmas Yvonne. He could not like it more, fun, home, full of DIY and a great deal of warmth and optimism

Christmas Decoration of a house Swedish


I could not resist these photos, I love christmas Swedish lacks detail to any room and keep the simplicity to give you a Christmas touch any passageway. This house has white as the main color and style between classic vintage

We were at Christmas (II)


Today I would say it has gone fast the last month but if you look at the post title set (II) that means ONE YEAR has passed since the first bloggers meetup deco # REMAIN IN, so somehow I’d like

Scandinavian Christmas


Last week with the mess of the bridge was impossible to publish our house on Friday, the wait has been long, being honest is one of my favorite sections, where besides incredible dream home can take a lot of inspiration.

Christmas Room Decorations

At home, they usually decorate the living, dining and facades for Christmas, but there are those who decorate to the bedroom and bathrooms Christmas. Place a Christmas tree in every room in my opinion it seems a bit exaggerated, but

Decorate home with Christmas angels

At this point of the month and you may have noticed that decorate the house at Christmas is not just about money, but rather of imagination. This year we have fled from the excesses of the oversized ornaments and we

Outdoor Christmas Decorations


A very few days for Christmas is normal to want to decorate our whole house and flood every room with warmth and happiness that characterizes this time of year. A few days ago I showed you some ideas for decorating

Decorating Christmas doors

The ideas for special celebrations alforan when approaching Christmas and New Year. We received proposals for family dinners, invitations to friends, or ask us to witness a party. In short, the possibilities are many. But if this year you want

Decorate staircase for Christmas

We meet daily with requests from people wanting tips for decorating the house for Christmas . Looking for the best Christmas decorations to decorate the interior and exterior of the house. Today we decided to bring you some tips to