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Christmas decoration on facades of houses

Came the feast of Christmas and surely want to give a special touch to the facade of your house, these pictures get the inspiration you need and you can yourself (a) prepare the ornaments or else go to the nearest

The disadvantages of windows to attic


As we have seen the roof windows offer solutions for everyone but we must not forget the disadvantages we have mentioned briefly earlier. By their very location roof windows are very exposed to the sun as the weather. rays of

Interior designer Ben Rousseau teaches us home

Ben Rousseau Rousseau Designs specializes in lighting design, furniture and interior high end. He is a lover of lighting decor schemes. “The use of light is the best way to appreciate the forms and details of the design,” he explains.

Christmas Around the World

Now you can imagine (and more if you have already visited other blogs WEDECO) that, how could it be otherwise, played for this post December’s “Christmas.” True, it is here, and we “invade” everywhere, however, in remaining today, we want

Window Unique designs to shine brighter

From sleek and modern to cozy and romantic, there are so many possibilities beautiful windows to choose from. By choosing the right product to meet your needs for home renovation style, consider the overall atmosphere you want. Different windows let

Windows for small rooms

One of the most important aspects in our environment of our homes, we always have a good natural ventilation for each and every one of the spaces of our house, we are talking about the windows, but mainly one of

Cheap Tips to decorate house for Christmas

A beautiful decoration color purple First remove the decoration pieces last year. I’m sure most of them can be used this year. Just remember to keep them carefully. Lights, glitter, stars are usually stored for next season. When red is