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Tips for cleaning curtains


Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with some tips to clean the curtains.It’s great to know what type of fabric are talking about, it is necessary to proceed to more correct cleansed of it.Great is to

Maintenance of gas cooker

Gas Cooker

To keep the kitchen efficient gas will require constant cleaning and an occasional general maintenance of the kitchen. Good maintenance ensures the proper functioning of the kitchen and even greater safety.Here is a quick guide for cleaning and maintenance of

How to clean wood walls

wooden wall

Good morning friends, in the space now you have some great tips to clean the walls made of wood.If your wall is lined with wood or wood, also need the occasional wipe and if we accidentally spotted.Clean walls will be

How to clean shower tiles


to clean the tile in the shower is hot water only, then think again. There may be more than two or three people at home and every day, people take showers at the same bathroom. Splashing water, soap and shampoo

Pools, helps to keep the water cleaner

keep clean water in Pool

To save and maintain the pool water is unavoidable keep water in suitable conditions and for this there are cleaner robotic systems that help us to achieve excellent results.To maintain optimal water conditions, pools require surface treatment, but that means

Time to hire professional cleaning

Window cleaning

The cleaning in our home is tedious to try to do every time we remember, because it is actually very little the percentage of people who have set aside a special time in the week to do the housework. However,

How to clean the furniture


Metal objects can generally be cleaned with a cloth soaked in pure vinegar, and another trick is to use baking home. To clean with baking, mix in a saucepan 1 liter of water, a tablespoon of salt and baking soda,

Chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning

Cold winter is coming and if you can enjoy having a fireplace at home certainly now have benefits for tuning so I speak now as clean. The chimney is something that does not really have much complication if from time

Remove rottenness of furniture


Some more, some less have ever had a piece of furniture with woodworm. Ancient wooden furniture, especially those who bought at flea markets or unpackings (or those who have been long in basements and storage rooms), can lead the attack

Simple tricks for clothes


In this new article Total Home give some simple tricks for clothes . These are some easy tips and tricks that will help make caring for your garments . Without much effort, you’ll keep your clothes in top condition by