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Chris Duffy and his new Monolithic Creating the Table

american furniture dining room tables

Chris Duffy, has once again created another unimaginable table, this time it is a monolithic design table, his inspiration was based on the book The Sentinel, a book by Arthur C. Clarke and the book 3001: The Final Odyssey. This

Color Psychology

The colors affect our emotions. As Kandinsky said, the Color is a means of exerting direct influence upon the soul. Each colored transmits specific sensations. This is what is known as color psychology . So it is important to surround

How to choose color scheme for interiors

Monochromatic combination involves choosing a particular color as the base color and then, based on the base color to choose colors in the same range more intense, more softer, ie adding whiter, black or the three primary colors, red blue

Indoor Color Scheme

After writing the first article on ideas interior colors (which you can read by clicking here) , we received numerous comments requesting our advice. We have answered some and welcome your questions, but it is quite impossible to advise without

The Language of Color

colors design

Special produce colors and moods reactions in people who watch. They also affect the apparent proportions of the space (height, width, depth), making it appear with characteristics different from the real ones. Colors influence the impression we produce a space.

colours concent


There are days that inspiration sees space on this blog, today is one of those days that I have the pleasure of publishing a story not only beautiful but also exudes creativity, good taste and invites you to surround yourself



I do not know how many post I have dedicated to mint, aqua, turquoise, emerald and derivatives, have to see what gives him a color and over time, like a fine wine, the more … better. With spring changing textiles

Spring is immediate


Although spring in my city is hesitating and not just come in Kulunka want to celebrate with beautiful and inspiring images that take us to a “better time”. A time in every way, full of new projects, new teammates, new

Innovative tripod table

We all know that coffee tables are a “must have” in decor. And is that these tables are small and portable to adorn both practices to support things. And the best part is that you can make yourself. On this

Decorate Living Room in Neutral Colors

Not everything in decoration must have strong colors and excess elements to generate a stylish, because often the simplicity with touches of elegance is what it takes to create a nice atmosphere, especially in the decoration of living that is