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Making PVC shelves


Maximize the functionality of your living space or storage with a durable solution to the shelf. Create durable storage space for a cheap and affordable material that will never rot, warp or chip. With relative ease and minimal clutter, shelves

Inspiration and Corners .. Learning to Decorate

These days we are giving a few laps to our social networks and searching for interesting content to tod @ s you @ s! Yesterday it fell to pinterest, and advantage that we have gotten a lot of new pins

Shelves of different materials for our books

A shelf has can be of different shapes and materials, but out of the ordinary, we could use recycled materials , so you can save some money at any home you need to have things in order, we can say

Metallic shelves for the whole house

In a recent post I spoke of that industrial style and while we may be adapting to bear this in every corner of the house, has some elements that are very characteristic such as metal furniture, so now I want

Five reading corners charming


With this cold you are doing lately, what we most definitely want is to stay at home, prepare a chocolate or tea warm and sit to enjoy a good book or magazine interesting, so we wanted to make a small

The inheritance of a restored


Impressive reform of this House, passed on from generation to generation legacy has finally become the home of the stars of the photos. They adapted it to their own needs new furniture mixing with other inherited and thus achieving an

Pompoms and lanterns to decorate


Since starting the theme of the wedding of my sister Mary once upon a wedding and I did not stop to see proposals for DIY and decorating nupcional, but without realizing I started thinking … Could not we bring all

Use corners in kitchen

Whether you have a large or small kitchen in your home, the problem is always the same: lack of space when you organize all your kitchen utensils and objects. This headache of never knowing where to put the utensils kitchen

Ideas to keep your books

If you do not have the budget to invest in a library, here is an interesting proposals gallery with original designs to store your collection of books. Sometimes you do not need to invest in a huge library when you

Corner Wall Shelf


Corner shelf, made of solid pine or MDF, turns any corner into a useful space. These corner shelves can be finished with white color, honey oak, mahogany and unfinished ready for you to finish it. The wooden corner shelves are