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The module kitchen as an effective and practical decision!

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The advantages of the modular kitchen Look for a simple, effective and cost-effective solution for your kitchen decor? Then you should seriously consider whether the module is not kitchen would be perfect for you. Such solutions are ultimately super universal,

How to light cabinets

Lighting is important in every room of the home. While this is true, one of the areas where it is most relevant is the kitchen. That is why today we will focus on the lighting in a particular room: kitchen

Timeless Reform In The Kitchen

Re-Form Kitchens

More ideas for reforming the kitchen. This is one of those inspiring reforms that fits most cases: ordinary kitchen, look old, normal size budget. The result is superb thanks to a great job planning prior decorative elements.That said, a kitchen

How to evaluate your Kitchen


One of the most used parts of the kitchen but often underestimate the time of choice, is the work plan that is technically called the top. It must be chosen with great care and attention, and found that meets the criteria

U shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchens, depending on the space you have, the U-shaped design can be the most practical and comfortable at the time of furnishing the kitchen. In Espaciohogar we review the different distributions for the kitchen, as the U-shaped kitchen Large kitchens,

Old Renovated Kitchen and Colorful

Most older homes have a special charm, always in them areas that need reform almost completely but there are elements that would be great to keep. That’s what I thought the architect Mark Lawrence at the time of housing reform

Essential Appearance of Wood

The rosewood looks strong and marked veins, causing him to this kitchen warm and timeless effect despite its straight lines and modern. Certainly a choice to consider for an upcoming renovation or new home, as the wood is easily combined

Cute Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets , awareness of the environment is rising everywhere from television programs schoolbooks. This concern for the ecosystem is justified because modern life makes a noticeable effect on the global environment. The responsibility can begin to conquer to

Decorating kitchen orange tone fashion

Who says that the orange does not combine into a kitchen ? Stay and read this post because you will see how not only looks good, but it will give much more life and enhance the place where you create

Morning Breakfast Cheerful


Finishes carnivals and burial of the sardine, nothing sad at the turn up the routine. A sad morning breakfast full of vitamins cheerful and cozy places and as happy as these that I present. Happy week! . . . .