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Excellent Kitchens


As every month again … We were at this time in the kitchen. One of the most interesting areas of a house. Meeting place in some cases, of creativity, of necessity or relax in others. It all depends on the


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I’ve been predicting this weeks post, but I’m overworked and between that, the progress of the floor and others have been unable to publish it, as I told you we did a facelift to the kitchen, and you @ will

fantastic kitchens


She could not sit day finally make this post, I am totally convinced of 2 things, this DIY you will love and 2 blog ( http://www.homepersonalshopper.com/ ) also because its editor is a lovely girl very decisive, with many ideas



There are days that inspiration sees space on this blog, today is one of those days that I have the pleasure of publishing a story not only beautiful but also exudes creativity, good taste and invites you to surround yourself

Decors with White brick walls

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It is increasingly common to open a decorating magazine, and meet white brick look indoors. It’s a simple gesture, which gives a special touch to any room, and is a trend that fits any style, from minimalist decorations, Nordic spaces,

Kitchen Islands curved

Who has not dreamed of one of those kitchens you see in decorating magazines or TV ads? Large, vented ‘, with yards square where cooking, eating, playing … living. The island is a key element in many of these dream

Kitchen Trends 2013

It’s beyond argument. The kitchen is one of the main areas of the home, whether it is located in a bachelor pad or in the home of a large family. Therefore, it is important to be well equipped and, why

Touch of Blue in Kitchen


Bright colors are still fashionable, and therefore, you keep giving simple ideas for you to use in your home. The main thing is to remove the fear of such strong colors, and learn to combine them in the best way.

Organize Kitchen Pantry

I like to keep my home tidy but the kitchen pantry is not one of my strengths .every time I look for something I have to ‘turn around’. It is often the things I look for cooking are not at

Retro Kitchen design

With a little imagination and some tips can decorate each room of the house with a different theme, and so suit the needs of the members of the family, their kitchens with retro decor are a classic that never fails.