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The disadvantages of windows to attic


As we have seen the roof windows offer solutions for everyone but we must not forget the disadvantages we have mentioned briefly earlier. By their very location roof windows are very exposed to the sun as the weather. rays of

We delight with this dream home in Dorset

Interior designer Anne-Marie Richford lives in this beautiful chalet in Dorset with her husband, two children and their dog. A house built in the early 1800s. She talks about how he has decorated his home …”We bought this house in

Apartment Art Nouveau in Brussels


The artists of the turn of the century covered all kinds of styles, and when it comes to interior design and architecture is no exception worth. Not everything would be absinthe and decay, so your own ideas and aesthetic of

Interior designer Karen Howes shows her glamorous apartment


Karen Howes of Taylor Howes Designs started his business as an interior decorator when I was 21, and in 1991 opened Taylor Howes. Most of his work has been for residential homes, but also designed for hotels, spas and shopping.

How to decorate a rented apartment

When one is independent and lives in a rented apartment must be careful with the furniture in it are, but that does not mean not to customize the space that will become your home. Therefore, here are a few decorating

Basic Tips for decorating your attic

This post has a clear goal, give you some vital clues that, when you dive in the decor of your attic does not fit doubt about how to start. You can put them into practice and you work.This is not