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Plan your garden yourself

Starting today started an intensive course for beginners gardening allows you to have the exterior of your house more orderly and dazzling than ever. Undoubtedly, a good way to enjoy the summer and get your garden the most. And, although

How to make a path for your home garden

This brief tutorial will explain in a way summed up the process of building roads brick exteriors made to move without stepping on the grass.The outdoor flooring also serve to define the architecture of the house and the gardens give

Decorate zen garden in simple and original

Furnish a Zen garden is synonymous with balance. The natural elements that are part of it must be arranged in continuity. Water, stones and plants are the key points to achieve a perfect zen garden. So recreate the ‘balance for

How to build stone well in the garden

The well, in addition to being (and be) an instrument of absolute utility, has a magnetic appeal of anyone to observe it. A bit ‘for the many stories and legends born around it, a little’ because of its deep roots,

Landscape with split rail fence


fences to demarcate property, then I could not be more wrong. Fences can also be used to give a garden accent and provide interest to the garden. If you have a small garden or a large garden, fences can be

Landscaping Small Garden

If you are looking for ideas to strike the best design that suits your garden, patio or deck, you can find inspiration in books, magazines, garden areas or in different design patterns that surround us everyday. In any case, do

What ornaments placed in small garden

If you live in the city and have a small garden or patio, you need not suffer for lack of space. You can always do more with less, almost like a law of minimalist decor . In short, a number

How to make Zen garden

Zen Rock Garden

Currently, to decorate the garden there are several possibilities, it no longer just about having plants, but to create an environment where nature and style combine. Depending on your taste, you can choose a particular theme to decorate your garden.