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Loft: a house without divisions

Abstraction Active Loft

Loft same dream, he thinks. In fact, it is not always the case and the result is impressive. Watch the video of this former industrial space in Milan’s Porta Romana neighborhood. A deposit of the first of the 900 has

Choose the best laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is a floor that is fashionable and is increasingly used in homes, providing a welcoming atmosphere and pleasant to the touch, being a warm material. The platform or floating floor is glued or nailed to any support,

Decorated smooth cement floor

smooth cement folder can now be the basis for additional decorative elements in your home . Transparent House  to refine a popular element of contemporary interior design such as polished concrete folder. the concept design applies the decorative pattern when

How to prepare paint roller


If you have a roller you used for quite some time and you want to use must keep some things in mind for the paint to soak well into the roll and so when you apply the paint with a

Outdoor Flooring Design

It ‘very important to choose the type of outdoor floor, because of the decorative elements is perhaps the one that most housing footprint. The strength and solidity are essential characteristics combined with an aesthetic quality. One level home can not

How to apply lime based paints


When it comes time to whitewash the house for the umpteenth time, you often find yourself having to assess the ravages of time (meterologico and chronological), which leaves its marks on the walls. One of the problems that moisture, temperature

Give Rustic Floors to your home

Many people today are looking for ways to decorate your home or design it by far from other houses. There are many ways you can enjoy a beautiful special design for your home, using old rustic floors. Instead of using

TIle Ideas for Living Rooms

Although ceramic tiles are primarily installed in showers and baths, which can also be found on floors and walls. Nice to have ceramic tiles in the bathroom because it is easier to keep clean and prevent stains and odors. The

Paint the floor

The colors play an important role in decorating any space. They define who we and what style furniture and accessories can be used to combine everything. The paint on the walls is important for this process. However, there is also