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Overwinter Potted Plants Properly

Before it freezes right the first time, most potted plants should be brought into winter quarters. Many of the exotic beauties like it never manage when it gets cold. Since different plants make very different demands on their winter quarters,

How to make a path for your home garden

This brief tutorial will explain in a way summed up the process of building roads brick exteriors made to move without stepping on the grass.The outdoor flooring also serve to define the architecture of the house and the gardens give

How to make tomato seedling in garden

Growing Great Tomatoes

By cultivating a hotbed of tomatoes with simple materials to purchase are obtained plants resistant and good quality.Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables in the home garden, because when it comes time to harvest can say that the freshness, flavor

Decorate zen garden in simple and original

Furnish a Zen garden is synonymous with balance. The natural elements that are part of it must be arranged in continuity. Water, stones and plants are the key points to achieve a perfect zen garden. So recreate the ‘balance for

Help underground irrigation


A good system of underground irrigation can make your garden lush and vital at the same time allowing you to save significant amounts of water. Following this explanatory guide to be able to install yourself an entire irrigation system programmable

Cast iron pots for the garden

Although the weather seems to endeavor to say otherwise, the truth is that we are in the spring and it’s time that our garden flourish. The colorful flowers gives a different look to any terrace or garden and offer a

Tips for planting fruit trees in the garden

garden fruit_trees

If you are lucky enough to have a garden outside your home, do not hesitate to plant several fruit trees on it. Besides having freshly picked fruit much of the year, you’ll have a great ornament, and natural impossible. When

How to water the plants in your absence

water the plants

Whenever you are forced to leave the house, it’s for the holidays or for any other reason, the same problem occurs again on time: how to water the plants? If you are not lucky enough to have a relative or a

Column of potted plants and flowers

I just found an idea to create a garden decoration ordinary terracotta pots and flowering plants, but Surprisingly placed and very decorative. At this time of year the outside of the house has gained sufficient importance to ask decorative ideas like

Make garden that invites relaxation

If you ask several people the features of a garden dream, surely many will tell you that is full of flowers open very strong colors like purples, oranges and reds. However, if you want to get a space in which