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I do not know how many post I have dedicated to mint, aqua, turquoise, emerald and derivatives, have to see what gives him a color and over time, like a fine wine, the more … better. With spring changing textiles

Tips for fabulous bathroom

Many people dream that your bathroom looks fabulous and luxurious. Some want their bathroom refurbished to meet what they want but before redesigning or renovating your bathroom there are some points that should be considered. These things are important to

Details for relaxing swim

Finally it’s Friday! Many come home completely tired and stressed after a long working day and a long week. To disconnect facing the weekend, there’s nothing better than taking time to prepare ourselves and a nice relaxing bath. Of course,

Liven up bathroom with stripes

A small bathroom can surely not too inspired when decorating. Because if you do not have enough space you can only choose to change the accessories or the color of the walls. Well, since painting is the most simple, today

Bathroom walls decoration

There are many reasons to decorate the walls of the bathroom with a range of alternative proposals, opting for original designs and unconventional models. Here is a list of inspiring decorating tips for the bathroom to highlight some of its

Modern bathroom decoration

If you are looking for ways to redecorate the home, and especially want a new design for the bathroom today we will give you some tips   modern bathroom decor . With these tips and some useful ideas for designing modern