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Decorate window

The emerging into the open air brings many homes a problem area: In addition to the balcony or patio door sits by architects custom usually a landscape-oriented windows on a wall-paragraph. At this window Bock failed the decorative power of

The disadvantages of windows to attic


As we have seen the roof windows offer solutions for everyone but we must not forget the disadvantages we have mentioned briefly earlier. By their very location roof windows are very exposed to the sun as the weather. rays of

Window Unique designs to shine brighter

From sleek and modern to cozy and romantic, there are so many possibilities beautiful windows to choose from. By choosing the right product to meet your needs for home renovation style, consider the overall atmosphere you want. Different windows let

Windows for small rooms

One of the most important aspects in our environment of our homes, we always have a good natural ventilation for each and every one of the spaces of our house, we are talking about the windows, but mainly one of

Mosquito nets to the fixed frame


Ideal for the fixtures that do not require opening mechanisms.When aesthetics is not an issue and the imperative is above all to lock down forever the windows of cellars and attics from the assault of mosquitoes, mosquito nets fixed frame

How to choose the attic windows

Roof Windows

The attic is an environment prevalent in many buildings that have a pitched roof. Is in fact formed in the space between the roof and the last slab. Also known as the attic, we often see this location in many

Armored doors and windows for security

Armored doors for security

There is no doubt that the safety of our home is very important, in order to allow our family to live quiet. To do this we must make sure to include the materials listed for the woodwork of the house

Take Advantage of Large Windows

Some people want to live in big apartments, others prefer to have a small house near the beach or in the mountains and some are wanting to get a penthouse in the heart of the city. To me all these