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We delight with this dream home in Dorset

Interior designer Anne-Marie Richford lives in this beautiful chalet in Dorset with her husband, two children and their dog. A house built in the early 1800s. She talks about how he has decorated his home …”We bought this house in

Apartment Art Nouveau in Brussels


The artists of the turn of the century covered all kinds of styles, and when it comes to interior design and architecture is no exception worth. Not everything would be absinthe and decay, so your own ideas and aesthetic of

Apartment Apinagés in Brazil. Everything is born on a shelf

Brazil continues unabated in the race to be a (good) reference design . Restaurants, homes and businesses are taking advantage of an explosion of ideas and freshness that are redefining the image of the country.Further proof is this apartment in

Interior designer Karen Howes shows her glamorous apartment


Karen Howes of Taylor Howes Designs started his business as an interior decorator when I was 21, and in 1991 opened Taylor Howes. Most of his work has been for residential homes, but also designed for hotels, spas and shopping.

Loft Apartment Near Humlegarden

This stylish loft apartment is located near Humlegarden, a major park in central Stockholm, Sweden.The inside of four bedrooms is designed in an elegant style, and boasts stunning views of the surrounding city. “This stunning loft apartment on two floors

Windows for small rooms

One of the most important aspects in our environment of our homes, we always have a good natural ventilation for each and every one of the spaces of our house, we are talking about the windows, but mainly one of

How to decorate a rented apartment

When one is independent and lives in a rented apartment must be careful with the furniture in it are, but that does not mean not to customize the space that will become your home. Therefore, here are a few decorating

Bring Life Into Village Apartments

Country means a simple and plain life like in a village or rural. Today, we can bring the village life into our apartments with country style. If you wish to decorate your home with country style, then you are One

The best environments with SPANISH GUITAR


This post had to do it one day, do not know if you remember where my running commentary on many of the floors on Friday saw a Spanish guitar and always said … “If at the end I’ll make a

How to create A SPECIAL CORNER


I have no words to describe what impacted the outcome of this corner with a chair design (the reply here ) and a few Ikea shelves for boxes (click here ) have achieved a unique, clean and full of personality.