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Make Terrace – spend a great summer on your balcony

Spend more time outdoors! Even if you live in a big city, you could breathe fresh air. Most of the apartments usually have a small terrace or balcony. Make this area as well as possible to use. The summer is

What not to miss on your terrace in summer

A summer terrace should be fully adapted to the station, and is that the terraces take life these days and summer nights, welcoming our dinners and visits. It is an ideal time to make a list of what not to

photos of terraces

terraces super inspiring for notes lots of practical ideas and nice! And is that who has a terrace has a treasure , especially when spring approaches.Whether it is a small terrace in a flat, as if it is a huge

Recycled furniture to decorate terrace

The design of a terrace is definitely extremely important to achieve maximum enjoyment of the months of good weather, with the sun’s rays warm spring or summer sun.If you think you have a terrace, a garden, patio or any outdoor

How to make pool on the terrace

For those who want to build a swimming pool on its terrace is essential to assess the technical characteristics of sealing ability of this and choose appropriately materials, sizes and weights. This is essential in order to avoid that our

Dining on the terrace: outdoor delights

Terrace Dining

The warm spring breeze invited to leave the room dining and enjoy eating outdoors on the terrace. An outdoor dining set is an essential item on any patio or deck, and that takes advantage of the sunny days for breakfast

Tips to Decorating Sunroom

sun-room or Terrace Room is a quiet place to sunbathe usually built building lots of glass to let in light and sunlight.  The combination of natural beauty and invigorating sunlight sun terraces automatically makes a very attractive area, and all

Decorating Ideas for Gardens and Terraces

Spring and summer are the best times to spend time outdoors, so terraces and gardens begin to transform to accommodate increased use. We show ideas to decorate these spaces for des with the proposal that best fits your home, creating

Decorating small terraces

The terrace is one of the privileged spaces of our homes, ideal to come up for air and relax a bit and let go of the daily routine. There always have spacious balconies or terraces, but that does not mean