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How colors work on us? Fresh wall paint ideas

Orange and yellow paint

We humans respond to colors of nature. We recognize different impressions colours on us hinterlasssen. That’s why we are constantly on the┬áSearch for good wall paint ideas that can offer us something at home. Fresh wall paint ideas evoke spring

How to prepare paint roller


If you have a roller you used for quite some time and you want to use must keep some things in mind for the paint to soak well into the roll and so when you apply the paint with a

Decorating walls with textures

textures wall paint

Textures are an element that makes our walls a decorative object, creating contrasts of materials, and even lights and shadows, while a method is very simple and decorative at all expensive. In fact, many times the rooms with plain walls

How to apply lime based paints


When it comes time to whitewash the house for the umpteenth time, you often find yourself having to assess the ravages of time (meterologico and chronological), which leaves its marks on the walls. One of the problems that moisture, temperature

Suggested colors for painting small bathroom


The first thing you should do is decide what type of bathroom you want to create. The colors do more than just be on a wall and look good. They affect and participate in our mood. Light colors such as

Be artistic with paint for your home


There are plenty of ways for people to express themselves, and one of these ways is to add some color to your home. Through colors that can bring new life to a room, and maybe this is your house has

The interior wall paint


As we prepare to paint the interior walls, we previously prepared surfaces to improve paint adhesion and prevent moisture stains or other. The application of the paintings are done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The painting of the interior walls

Textured roller to paint the walls

Today we can use many finishes for walls, although some of them mean more trouble and other complications. In our opinion, the textures make our walls a decorative object contrast generating materials and even light and shadow, and is a