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decorating ideas with wallpaper

Then we will see different ideas for decorating with wallpaper. Do not miss them and change the decor of your home! Usually when you use the wallpaper tends to decorate the walls of the different rooms of the house ,

Types of wall decor for living room

When it comes to decor in the living room wall, you may actually have more options available than they had originally thought. There are plenty of options to look at when you want to add some style to your living

Interactive magnetic wallpaper

No more boring static decorations . No more having to decide that putting decor. Now you can have a different decor and interativa every day with magnetic wallpaper.It is a sheet of wallpaper with a thin magnetized ready to be

The art of wallpapering

The wallpaper is the latest trend to decorate the walls. We can find from the more discreet designs to the more casual proposals prints.Furthermore, the walls are papers of all kinds, including those that replicate or mimic consistency materials such

Decorating walls with textures

textures wall paint

Textures are an element that makes our walls a decorative object, creating contrasts of materials, and even lights and shadows, while a method is very simple and decorative at all expensive. In fact, many times the rooms with plain walls

Swarovski wallpaper collection for your home

The signature Swarovski presents its collection of wallpapers painted and decorated to your rooms. Within walls and walls to choose options for embellishment are highly variable and what better to do it the hand of the renowned and exclusive brand.

Walls retro wallpaper

They wore the walls of our childhood and, more recently, we have seen in all its forms in the series “Tell Me”. After decades of being vilified, the retro style wallpapers are back to stay. Make them a place in

The wealth of wallpaper


The floor now has the particularity that each stay is characterized with a background different wall paper, it seems admirable threw me weeks to choose my room and finally ended up in the bedroom (something of which I am more

Decorate Your walls using Fantasy Wallpaper


Our story today brings us different interior designs in the form of wallpaper for walls, this fantastic easy and versatile is useful to change your decor a wall either alone or your whole house. Wallpapered in the UK has some

Wallpaper to decorate ceiling

When we refer to the decoration of ceilings   usually think of a specific tone that complements paint the walls or lamp designs to improve lighting, but rarely comes to mind that can radically change the look of any space by