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Tips for cleaning curtains


Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with some tips to clean the curtains.It’s great to know what type of fabric are talking about, it is necessary to proceed to more correct cleansed of it.Great is to

Mosquito nets to the fixed frame


Ideal for the fixtures that do not require opening mechanisms.When aesthetics is not an issue and the imperative is above all to lock down forever the windows of cellars and attics from the assault of mosquitoes, mosquito nets fixed frame

How to clean wood walls

wooden wall

Good morning friends, in the space now you have some great tips to clean the walls made of wood.If your wall is lined with wood or wood, also need the occasional wipe and if we accidentally spotted.Clean walls will be

How to Have Healthier Home

Healthier Home

We know that to keep our home right conditions will have direct benefits on our overall health, which is why we must use all the resources we have at hand to make our home in a friendly, if possible with

Time to hire professional cleaning

Window cleaning

The cleaning in our home is tedious to try to do every time we remember, because it is actually very little the percentage of people who have set aside a special time in the week to do the housework. However,

How to clean the furniture


Metal objects can generally be cleaned with a cloth soaked in pure vinegar, and another trick is to use baking home. To clean with baking, mix in a saucepan 1 liter of water, a tablespoon of salt and baking soda,

Repair blinds, change belt

Repair blinds

The blinds are placed mechanical curtains on the windows to protect from light and weather. With use, deteriorate and lose effectiveness and sometimes, it can break the drive belt. For repair of blinds, we will replace defective belt. A shutter

How to Clean Blinds


Clean Blinds can be a difficult task, you have to unpick and sew, but with a little trick will save this task.The blinds made ​​from washable fabric can get into the washing machine, but you will have to re-sew descoserlos

Remove rottenness of furniture


Some more, some less have ever had a piece of furniture with woodworm. Ancient wooden furniture, especially those who bought at flea markets or unpackings (or those who have been long in basements and storage rooms), can lead the attack

How to solve the problems of wood

Wood in interior design

The wood will brighten our home, but if it is not properly maintained the opposite effect. A timber is a timber kept nice and lasts forever. Let’s check a number of effective solutions to solve the problems of wood. 1st.