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Office table – cool and innovatieves table design for the latest trends

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Inspiring Designs for office desks – the latest trends Unfortunately, you can not be all summer long in vacation. But one could draw from the warm weather, good mood and enthusiasm to make their own lives better. This affects all

Ideas to renovate home with bright furniture

Are you thinking of renovating your home on a budget? Well, you know that you can find Interiorismos great decorating ideas. As we have explained on more than one occasion, with paint and accessories you can get completely new environments.

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As every Sunday, it’s time to review what has been on whether the blogosphere decorative. I thought I’d find much decoration for Valentine but apparently must be holding back for this week because I have not seen many romantic overtures.

Beautiful villa gardens with unconventional Tables


Located in the Drôme Provençale, in the region of Tricastin land of lavender and truffles, this eighteenth-century farmhouse, fully renovated with the help of local artisans, professionals in this type of construction, is how much we may wish for a

beautiful chairs


For many years, the quintessential garden chairs are those white plastic stackable to infinity and the only difference was the designer’s imagination when drilling the seat and back to not accumulate water. In my opinion, are the ugliest chairs I’ve

Trends in outdoor furniture materials this summer

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Although these days it may seem, with the storm we have in some areas, spring is just around the corner and touch renew the outdoor furniture, both at home and in the hospitality business. Get ready for maximum enjoyment of

wonderful decors


Good morning, Mondays are least Monday if we have joy, or shine, whether it’s spring … IF WE DRAW ON THE BLOG! And today I speak of STP Projects , a specialized study CAPTURE, PROJECT AND MAKE any project you

Hotel Wiesler


For those who flee the opulent luxury, and love the bohemian aesthetic, Hotel Wiesler in Graz (Austria) will be paradise. A colorful ambiance, with vintage pieces, personalities that fill spaces where you feel at home, away from the usual coldness

What I choose for my wood furniture

Wood is a material to make our furniture irreplaceable. Usually durable and resistant to environmental shocks. As if any one color, textures and hardnesses, they become an ideal way to beautify the homes. But usually know each of the types

Decorate with recycled wood spaces

Reclaimed Wood star

One of my favorite inspirations for home decor are recycled wood pieces, as they are easy to get, and that can be used in many ways, being practical, functional and very pleasing to the eye. The wooden parts may come