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Home made of recycled plastic landfill

When the goal is to reduce the accumulation of garbage in the streets recycling bottles and plastic-hard materials degrade over time, to build affordable housing, one of the best examples is provided Nevhouse, which builds houses completely recycled, now see

Furniture from recycled tires

tire furniture

I recently watched as transform objects with rope and had previously seen as recycle a tire or wheel to our children … well combining both ideas have resulted in a tire or car tire recycling and become table or ottoman

Furniture with high gloss varnish

What do you think the surface of the dining table? The unique luster that shows this type of furniture, especially if they are old and woods, is something that no industrial finishing spray can be achieved. Because it is d

Design wooden furniture

Rest assured, the wooden furniture is not always a natural color and a classic look. For modern interiors, wooden furniture features clean lines and contemporary look. Color and design for children room When red is used in decoration How to

Recycled furniture to decorate terrace

The design of a terrace is definitely extremely important to achieve maximum enjoyment of the months of good weather, with the sun’s rays warm spring or summer sun.If you think you have a terrace, a garden, patio or any outdoor

Garden seat recycling

Have you ever recycled to decorate a garden? Today I propose to do. Today I show you how you can recycle a plastic box and make it a functional seat for the garden and very decorative.There are many beautiful furniture

How to solve the problems of wood

Wood in interior design

The wood will brighten our home, but if it is not properly maintained the opposite effect. A timber is a timber kept nice and lasts forever. Let’s check a number of effective solutions to solve the problems of wood. 1st.

Recycled Bedroom Furniture

Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with some pictures of a room made ​​of recycled furniture. If you realize, every picture you can see where they have taken the different elements of the bedroom furniture. From

What I choose for my wood furniture

Wood is a material to make our furniture irreplaceable. Usually durable and resistant to environmental shocks. As if any one color, textures and hardnesses, they become an ideal way to beautify the homes. But usually know each of the types

Decorate with recycled wood spaces

Reclaimed Wood star

One of my favorite inspirations for home decor are recycled wood pieces, as they are easy to get, and that can be used in many ways, being practical, functional and very pleasing to the eye. The wooden parts may come