taking advantage of corner of bathroom

Do not know if you remember when I showed you the bathroom minuet project , I mentioned that I still had a little detail to polish a space left to place a shelf as I finally have decided to do, and the result you can see in this before and after: taking advantage of a corner of the bathroom.

corner wall shelf

The initial idea was to design the bathroom in that hole was a 30cm cabinet, the kind that tall and narrow. What happens is that the bricks, mortar and ceramics, the thing just stared at 25cm, and could not find any wardrobe with this measure. After much searching, I finally decided to put a shelf, ideally it to match with the other parts of the bathroom.

Like the other had made ​​furniture pieces also adapting MOLGER Ikea collection, it was logical that the shelf would use one of that series . The trouble was that measured 37 inches wide, so you would have to cut it to fit and, in turn, take the legs to fit my design idea.

Fortunately shelves MOLGER series are made from small slats supported on battens, which in turn are bolted to the vertical racks with lag. Thanks to this design, to adjust the width just had to cut each rack to the extent that interest me, make a new hole for the screws enter and then either mount it as instructed.
To add a little more excitement, I removed the legs, as I wanted to hang it a little higher so you can make better use of the space height. In doing so I zoned out slightly and made a small mistake, cutting more, so I had to cut the bar too low to fix it, but as they say good handyman, only noticeable if you look.

To hang on the wall, I used the pieces for this purpose that Ikea provides for hanging other Expedit shelving as, or for kitchen cabinets, and wisely had saved from another time, and that this system is much easier to hang.
Once hung, it was just a case of putting the towels, toilet paper and cosmetics cans neatly, and I still had room to store the stove under the shelf and put a nice plant on it.

Bathroom Corner Sink

bathroom font corner