Technique to age furniture

An antique furniture is perfect for creating a decorative elegant, giving a distinctive flair to our home. If you’re lucky enough to have a piece of furniture or old home can not afford to buy one at an antique shop, we’re going to teach a simple and inexpensive technique for aging a cabinet that looks like a real relic.

Technique to age furniture

What do we need to age a piece of furniture?

- The furniture that we want to grow old- Paint color- Stripper- Bitumen of Judea- Sand fine grained- A cloth


Steps to age furniture:

First we get the furniture outdoors. We serve a drink and sat down to wait for time to do its thing ..

1. The first step is to prepare the furniture for painting . Will sandpaper wood with steel wool to open the pores of the cabinet and facilitate the absorption of the paint . If the varnish of furniture is thick decaparlo we must first to delete it.

Two. Apply a coat of primer or sealer to seal and protect the wood pores.

Three. We give a first coat of paint with a flat brush in the direction of the grain of the wood and let it dry thoroughly. When dry, apply a second coat.
If you want a furniture stripping two colors and that removing the second coat of paint you see another color instead of dark wood, we have to paint that color in the first layer, instead of the primer.

old world interior design furniture

April. When are the two layers, we apply the stripper and we removing paint to make it look as below. The greater removal of damaged stripper get more aspect. Whenever we use flux, we have to put gloves (scrubbing serve) and mask.

May. The next step is to apply the bitumen of Judea with great care and only in some areas such as edges and joints to make them darker touches and achieve the antique effect in the cabinet .

The aging technique to a cabinet is quite simple. Only requires patience and dedication to achieve the desired look.
now have a cabinet that has recovered completely different place and its utility in our house bringing a sophisticated air to our home.