Ten tips to clean the oven

If you ever do not clean the oven do not miss these ten tricks to clean the oven. .If your oven is self-cleaning, you may need a chemical to remove dirt. Follow exactly the manufacturer’s instructions, as these products are often toxic. Let’s look ten tricks to clean the oven . .

clean the oven

1. Read the instructions .
Many cleaning chemicals contain caustic soda, which burns the skin, irritates eyes and damages the lungs. Keep the windows open and follow the label instructions. .

Two. Put on rubber gloves
Take them on at all times, since you start to apply the chemical cleaner until you remove it. When finished, rinse with hot water to the outside of the gloves. .

Three. Aleja children .
You can leave the house while waiting for the oven cleaner do its job. It is important that you take small children, as will reduce the risk of coming into contact with the product. .

April. Protect the floor
Before the oven cleaner, newspaper spread on the floor under the oven, to prevent chemical damage it. .

May. Keep your kitchen ventilated
The kitchen should be well ventilated while cleaning the oven. Open the windows and, if you can, also the doors. .

June. Protect the skin
Ponte long sleeve and prevents the product you splatter. If contact with skin, wash immediately with soap and plenty of water. .

July. Protect your eyes
As chemical cleaners tend to irritate the eyes, if contact with yours, wash with plenty of water and consult a doctor if you continue irritated. .

August. Clean oven racks .
Most of the products not only clean the surfaces, but the oven racks . If badly blackened, rub them with steel wool before rinsing the product. .

9. Use disposable cloths .
Remove the cleanser with tea towels or cloth rags that once the cleaning, will throw it away. .

10. Completely removed the product .
After removing most of the cleaner, run a cloth soaked in warm water and drained. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until there is no more oven cleaner.