Tennessee mansion designed by Jamie Beckwith


Although my specialty is antiques, I always had famous maxim is “less is more”. I mean you have to be very careful as a house filled to the brim with antiques and collections can go from being cozy and cute in a museum, and Ben Stiller movies aside, nobody likes to live in a museum.

This mansion in Tennessee is the work of a famous American interior designer named Jamie Beckwith, who has up their own collections of textiles, furniture and designs. In this case, Jamie has been driven by more disney fantasy to decorate the house.



We begin by commenting that the mansion is modern style and despite the estate has 16,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms en suite (with bath and sitting room), formal dining room, dining area, office, library, pool meticulously designed which has pool house, which on this occasion is not intended as a guest house, but as a private spa with sauna and steam bath facilities.

Domestic service also has a specific area, next to the kitchen and dining area, designed for breakfast and casual dining.



In fact, other than that the decor is over, does not have a definite style but, depending on the stay, just looks like a castle on the banks of the Loire, a late neo American Gothic.

The profusion of fabrics, brocades, tapestries, and ornaments of all walks, hits the office and the living room of it, thoroughly modern decor, with glass floor to see what actually draws more attention house: the design of the winery.



Under the floor of the house, transparent in many areas, the winery, from what looks like plexi-glass, has an arched design lit by thousands of LED turn what should be a dark and gloomy, as mansions wineries all in a cave of Ali Baba-style Broadway.

Next to the winery a wooden bar with pedestal Parisian terrace invites to tasting spectacular wines cellar.


What do you think the winery designed by Jamie Beckwith?