The art of wallpapering

The wallpaper is the latest trend to decorate the walls. We can find from the more discreet designs to the more casual proposals prints.Furthermore, the walls are papers of all kinds, including those that replicate or mimic consistency materials such as, for example, bamboo . To choose wallpaper, in addition to the purely decorative, we must take into account the type of room in which to place and the state in which they find the walls.

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Wallpapers are the latest in decor , scrapping decades, again strongly present with a variety of designs for all styles and tastes; sold in a myriad of patterns and colors.

This accessory allows us to create the atmosphere that we like and give life to a room that otherwise would seem the most monotonous, and is ideal for rooms with walls somewhat uneven.Do not forget that one of the best advantages to decorate the walls of our house with paper is the ease of cleaning involved, since any dirt the can remove with soap and water.

The plain or printed models with small ornaments provide spacious feel and are easier to match fabrics and furniture. In contrast, very printed papers may have too much prominence in the small rooms, very welcoming resulting in large rooms.

Wallpaper is a very interesting option to decorate our house, besides being a useful tool to cover very damaged walls . Although today the painting is still the queen of the walls, we can always choose to wallpaper a room to give it a more personal and make your walls more resistant to the transfer of the house.The wallpaper can be a perfect choice to cover the living room or children’s room. Moreover, it is a simple task that only requires a little patience.

We must ensure that all the rolls we buy belong to the same batch , as it may change a little color in a row to another.For remote areas wallpaper and behind a radiator, we do horizontal incisions on paper to surround the brackets or tubes. To push the paper, we can use a broom bristles and cover with a cloth, so it will stick to the wall.

To remove air bubbles that remain under the paper, must be pierced with a needle before the glue dries and carefully stick back paper.
Determine the amount of paper required is very simple, you just have to calculate the surface that has the room and add a 15% premium for what may be wasted. If we paint part of the room must do before wallpapering.



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