the bathroom outdoors


Today they are very fashionable open spaces, partitions minimize as far as possible and promote continuity between each other environments, but usually tends to respect the privacy of the bathroom. Most of us prefer the bathroom space is separate, enclosed and not visible from other rooms, but there are exceptions.

The bath photos of this article is located in the Wonderwall house in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As they say its creators and is not designed with the intention that only within sight of the curious, but their goal is to be close at hand from the pool. The question is if it is separated with opaque panels would still be just as close and not look.


Personally I would not want a bath and at home in any way, not even in a hotel. One thing is the shower it is poolside in sight, one can shower with your swimsuit or bikini and in that sense because there would be no problem, but the toilet … that’s another story.

In my opinion for many partitions you want to eliminate, as much as they want to facilitate the free flow of natural light and as much as you want to promote access to the toilet, that should not lead us to discount the toilet privacy. The shower and the sink itself that can be shared in a less intimate, but no toilet.